Nurturing Curious Minds

Our Story

We are here to nurture children to become the cultured individuals of tomorrow, by opening their minds through the arts and creative exploration.

Together with our resident artists and partnerships, we provide a breadth of experiences to children in their transformative years. By fostering an environment of play and experimentation, we encourage curious minds to think beyond the obvious and express themselves in their own way.

We are here to support them on their journey to become the best versions of themselves and confident citizens of the world. Grounded in the belief that creativity is a way of life, our endeavor is to positively impact our children’s future and the future of society.

Latest News

Spring Camp
Spring Camp is over. But Summer Camp is soon!
Stay tuned.
Tie Dye
It is one of the workshops of “Summer Series”, which is taught by Emirati fashion designer Budoor Abdulqader..
Theater Performance
On Sunday, 22nd of July at 11.30 am, the theater of the Al Jalila Cultural Centre for Children will be lit by the scenes…

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